Modern Day Open Concept Retail - Specifications

Retail shops on GF and FF.
Restaurants with terrace dining on 2nd floor on some blocks
Dedicated Signage Area for all units as per design
All common area lighting as per norms.

RCC slab column structure with masonry partitions
High floor to floor heights provided -4.5 m
Stairs connecting retail levels. Provision for Escalator/Lifts/Bridges

Contemporary landscape in promenades with paving and decorative features/water bodies
Wide pedestrian plaza with seating areas and food kiosks
Dedicated drop off and entrance for retail
On site parking areas with lush canopy trees and landscapes features

Exterior – Combination of shutter/glazing/painted surface as per design
Lobbies – Combination of stone and painted surface
Tenant floor – Concrete Floor
Common Toilets – Finishes toilet with modern fitting and fixtures

Provision for Split AC units. Location of Outdoor units will be pre-determined

Distribution – Provision of cable up to tenants distribution board. Tenant load will be metered.
Power Back up – Automatic power back up for lighting, power and A/C provided with PLC
based auto load manager.

All provisions for security, life safety, will be made as per norms and maintenance agreements.
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